Support Calls

Support Calls

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Support Calls are a low-level, short-term intervention consisting of six, 30 minute calls. These can be weekly or fortnightly. A specialist support worker will conduct your calls; you will agree with them what you want to work on during the calls.

This might be the right service for you if you just need a little help to move forward or are not sure if you’re ready to undertake talking therapy.

We might suggest Support Calls to you if we feel that it might benefit you and you can talk this over with the support worker you saw for your support and guidance initial appointment.

Examples of goals you might wish to work on through Support Calls could be:

  • Get back on track with recovery after an interruption.
  • Have some space to talk and be heard.
  • Explore your issue and decide whether you want to seek further help at this time.
  • Explore if you are ready to recover (this is always your decision).
  • Learn more about eating disorders and how they are affecting you.
  • Work on one or two small goals such as increasing your food intake or tools to help with binging.

Support Calls are not the same as counselling or therapy; they offer a different type of help but many of our clients find them very useful and supportive.

If you are offered Support Calls, we will usually ask you to fill in some routine monitoring forms and this means that your first session may be longer than the others.

When you are offered Support Calls, the dates should be agreed ahead of time so that you can make sure you can attend all of them. Other clients will be booked in after you so it is not usually possible to reschedule any missed calls.

Please note that Support Calls are not a ‘holding service’ while you are waiting for another intervention. You will not routinely be offered another service straight after finishing them.

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