Archived media stories

Archived media stories

The Guardian - No More Mr Muscle - Oct 2020

BBC News - Eating disorder inquest: Averil Hart's care unit in Norfolk faced 'staffing crisis'- Oct 2020

The Telegraph - Instagram blames GDPR for failure to tackle rampant self-harm and eating disorder images - Oct 2020

BBC - People Stared Like I Was Godzilla - Oct 2020

BBC News - Freddie Flintoff's Bulimia Documentary: "It gave me a sense of relief" - Sept 2020

BBC News - Amanda Bowles: Doctor error contributed to anorexic woman's death - Sept 2020

Sky News - Demand surges for eating disorder helpline after lockdown creates 'perfect storm' - Sept 2020

BBC News - My daughter's anorexia was made worse by lockdown - Sept 2020

The Telegraph - 'I cried when I found out': Why calorie-labelling is dangerous for people with eating disorders - Sept 2020

BBC News - Anorexic woman 'not thin enough' for treatment - Sept 2020

The Telegraph - COVID and the Eating Disorder Crisis - August 2020

The Guardian - I can't be shamed into losing weight - I'm not lazy or lacking in self-discipline - August 2020

The Guardian - Ed Sheeran reminds us that Eating Disorders affect men too - August 2020

The Conversation - People with eating disorders saw their symptoms worsen during the pandemic – new study shows - August 2020

Politics Home - Exclusive: Boris Johnson warned that calorie-counting obesity ‘scare tactics’ will harm recovery for eating disorder sufferers - July 2020

Kent Online - People with eating disorders in Kent and Medway could be waiting almost 12 months for treatment, says anorexia sufferer from Maidstone - July 2020

Sky News - Coronavirus: Lockdown placing great pressure on people with eating disorders - June 2020

ITV News - Why fitness app Fitbit has sparked weight loss fears among those with eating disorders - June 2020

BBC News - Living with eating disorders in lockdown - June 2020

ITV - Crisis calls double in lockdown for those with eating disorders - June 2020

BBC News - TikTok: Fears videos may trigger eating disorders - June 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week: does online therapy work? May 2020

'Like losing control': fears eating disorders on rise amid lockdown - May 2020

Suzy Petty: Hockey player discusses life in lockdown with an eating disorder - May 2020

I’ve lived with an eating disorder for half my life. I'm not ready for the baby question - May 2020

Hope Virgo - Living with an Eating Disorder in Lockdown - April 2020

Coronavirus Presents New Challenges For Those With Eating Disorders — Here's How Survivors Are Seeking Out Support Online - April 2020

Largest Ever Eating Disorders Survey carried out in the UK - March 2020

BBC News - Coronavirus and eating disorders: 'I feel selfish buying food' - March 2020

Hospital Admissions for Eating Disorders rise to two every hour - February 2020

The Guardian - Mel C speaks out: trying to be the perfect Spice Girl made me ill - February 2020

Baroness Parminter - the NHS is failing patients with Eating Disorders - February 2020

Orthorexia: The Eating Disorder Doctor's Can't Diagnose - January 2020

My Son's girlfriend has an eating disorder. What can I do to help him? January 2020

Taylor Swift reveals eating disorder in documentary - January 2020

Eating Disorders: 12 deaths in 7 years leads to Coroner warning - January 2020

Emily has a history of anorexia but now in her thirties is refusing treatment. In the Court of Protection, a judge has to decide if she can be force fed - January 2020

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey only eats 7 meals a week - January 2020

Hospital admissions increase for youngsters with eating disorders - January 2020

Anorexia is the deadliest mental illness. Why is the NHS still not taking it seriously? - January 2020

Rise in eating disorders among male cyclists blamed on winning culture - January 2020

Eating disorder hospital admissions rise sharply - January 2020

I've seen fellow patients die of eating disorders - this needs tackling fast - January 2020

Social Media's Contribution to Eating Disorders - January 2020

Is Social Media Increasing Eating Disorders In Teens? - December 2019 issues advice to support patients with eating disorders at Christmas - December 2019

My Eating Disorder took away the magic of Christmas - December 2019

"My Daughter's anorexia was a descent into Hell" - November 2019

These Men Dress to Hide Their Bodies - Here is Their Story - November 2019

Extensive and rapid weight loss in teens with anorexia makes them severely ill, regardless of their overall weight - November 2019

Christopher Eccleston reveals he is a lifelong anorexic - September 2019

Victoria Derbyshire - 8th July 2019. Treating Eating Disorders

1 in 8 UK Adults Has Suicidal Thoughts Over Body Image - May 2019

1 in 3 UK Teenagers is Ashamed of Their Body - May 2019

Dump the Scales Campaign by Hope Virgo

Social Media is Not the Sole Cause of Youth Suicide - February 2019

Is Veganism a cover up for an Eating Disorder?

 Victoria Derbyshire Interview - Head to 7.09 mins for an interesting piece on Autism and Anorexia

Men's Health "One Man's Battle With Bulimia" January 2019

ITV News "Calorie counter and fitness app MyFitnessPal could fuel eating disorders among vulnerable people" January 2019

Independent "As someone who’s recovered from an eating disorder, I dread the expectation to change something about myself every January" January 2019

Guardian "Genetic study of eating disorders could pave way for new treatment" December 2018

The team watched eagerly on 16th October as Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath, lead a debate in Parliament - Reducing the Stigma Around Eating Disorders (the full video can be viewed over on our YouTube channel YouTube SWEDAUK

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BBC News "Laxative sales may be restricted under government review" September 2018

BBC News "5 hour journey for anorexia help" September 2018

BBC News "Totnes girl says beauty pageants beat her eating disorder" September 2018

BBC News - "I'd binge on nutella, eating a giant tub a week" September 2018

Bristol News - Plans to create 24/7 crisis service for children with mental health issues - September 2018

ITV News - Somerset woman "frightened for her life" as she battles eating disorder - August 2018

TV West Country - Anorexia Where to Find Help - February 2018 


Eating Disorders NHS Trial, The Guardian, June 2015

How I got back from anorexia, The Guardian, May 2015

Are more men getting eating disorders, The Guardian, January 2015



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