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Eating disorders in the media

Eating disorders in the media

BBC News - Sharp rise in teenage girls with eating disorders during Covid - June 2023

The Guardian - Many men have a problematic relationship with food – and I’m one of them by Adrian Chiles - February 2023

BBC News - 'I made the podcast I wish I could've listened to' - February 2023

The Mirror - 'Representation of gay men made it harder to battle my eating disorder at 16' - February 2023

Independent - Age discrimination leading to avoidable eating disorder deaths, government warned - February 2023

Wera Hobhouse - Bath MP leads Parliamentary debate on Eating Disorders Awareness Week - February 2023

i - Eating disorder content on Instagram and TikTok ‘unregulated’ for vulnerable adults under Online Safety Bill - February 2023

Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman - Urgent action needed to prevent eating disorder deaths - February 2023

The Irish News - Survey finds more than half of men with eating disorders have never received treatment - February 2023

Other articles

The New Statesman - Eating Disorders are a greatly misunderstood silent killer - February 2023

ELLE - When It Comes To Eating Disorders, Brown Girls Don't Measure Up - September 2022 

The Guardian - Obese patients 'being weight-shamed by doctors and nurses' - August 2022

BBC Radio 4 - Jacinta Tan on anorexia nervosa and the mind - June 2022

The Daily Mail - Parents and doctors fear healthy eating lessons at school which frighten pupils into avoiding 'bad' food could be triggering eating disorders in children as young as seven - March 2022

Bristol Counselling & Psychotherapy - Talking about eating disorders: What to do if you're worried about someone - By SWEDA - February 2022

The Guardian - Women losing their periods because of restrictive diets and excesisve exercise - January 2022

Shepton Mallet Nub News - How did Shepton Mallet's community celebrate World Mental Health Day? - November 2021

The Guardian - One in five UK eating disorder patients forced to pay for private care - September 2021

The Guardian - ‘I felt my body wasn’t good enough’: teenage troubles with Instagram - September 2021

BBC News - Eating disorders: Increase in young teenagers seeking support - September 2021

The Guardian - Record number of young people wait for eating disorder treatment in England - August 2021

The Guardian - Hope Virgo, the Woman who Survived Anorexia and Began 'Dump the Scales' - July 2021

BBC Radio 4 - Marketing: Hacking the Unconscious - A Campaign for 'Real' Women? - June 2021

BBC News - Body Image Affects Half of Men's Mental Health - May 2021

The Guardian - People with Eating Disorders Denied Help - April 2021

The Sun - Big Brother Star Nikki Grahame Passes Away - April 2021

Somerset Emotional Wellbeing Podcast - Exploring Eating Disorders - March 2021


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