Simple support

Simple support


Did you know that every year, 73% of used clothes are sent to landfill? Thrift+ collects new and used designer and high street clothing. Used items must be in excellent condition. You can order a Thrift+ bag and fill it with items, then send it off for free and items will be sold online, raising money for SWEDA. 

Selling on eBay 

When you sell an item on ebay, you can choose to donate a portion of the final sale price to SWEDA. This applies to items in auctions and ones for fixed buy-now prices. You can also update the listing after it goes live. When you create a new listing, there is an option to choose the donation percentage and your chosen charity - select Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association from the drop-down menu. 

Shape Mendip Lottery 

Buy tickets for Shape Mendip Lottery and help raise money for SWEDA! This is a local lottery set up and run by Mendip District Council to support local charities, which enables participants to support the causes they care most about. A ticket for the Shape Mendip Lottery costs £1 per week and if you choose SWEDA as your chosen charity, we get half of the ticket cost. There are prizes up to £25,000.   

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